Ryan Wong



resourceful multi-faceted artist obsessed with experimentation & presentation.

knowledgable in breaking rules justly by integrating analog, photographic, motion-charged, multi-media techniques & strategies.

 Live from the stage/my workspace

Ryan Wong

I am a Chinese-American multidisciplinary graphic designer and photographer focused on art direction, motion, and publications. I’m highly motivated by the exploration in experimentation processes, unorthodox research strategies, and anything including camera-tinkering. Most recently, I've been working as a graphic designer at EMW Bookstore, where I'm designing and collaborating on various event materials in print, web, and social media.

I balance school/jobs with my personal creative work: lettering/calligraphy, illustration, photography, and videography — which garnered much attention from music artists, event holders, and wedding planners. Eventually, I started to design on a freelance basis with established businesses.

Graduating from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2017, I'm starting in the advertisement business with Arnold Worldwide in Downtown Boston.

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