Ryan Wong
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Imagine Boston



Imagine Boston 2030 is a multi-year initiative that will engage the public in creating a framework to guide the preservation, enhancement, and responsible growth of our city between now and 2030. This citywide plan will promote shared prosperity, coordinated public investment, and a healthy environment and population. 


assignment //

– Create a public awareness campaign for the Imagine Boston 2030 initiative. The campaign will consist of a series of two posters with an         accompanying multi-media component.
– Each element must be able to function as an individual communication vehicle. Together, all of the pieces (print and multi-media) will           conceptually reinforce each other and the overall messaging through a shared concept and visual language system.
– Hypothetical Client: The Mayor's Office/City of Boston Audience: All people who live and/or work in the City of Boston.

my concept //

everybody has a vision, big or small. everybody has a voice, big or small. all we need for a better boston is to bring out the voices of vision in the young, the silent thinkers, and the creative minds of every being boston. even some of the greatest visions can be tucked away in the back of a shy child's mind. just imagine.

my posters represent "voice" and "vision," revolving around the idea of "imagine." the opposing half of the poster represents something that boston could be voiced out or envisioned of. i chose to use younger subjects in my posters to speak out on the unnecessary qualifications + experience you don't need to be able to contribute to the grand change.

the "imagine." concept is played into the series by using negative space to create an atmosphere in which viewers would need to wander their eyes around to read/notice different parts of the campaign that play along with the image itself.


motion //

continuing the "imagine" concept, i wanted the video to show the different sceneries of Boston integrated with a pedestrian's pov of a walk through some of boston's most well known spaces. it asks the viewers, "whats your vision?" and goes into some themes that may spark ideas into the audience's mind when seeing the different images that roll along with the overlayed text.